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Fracking Week in Westminster (16th-20th June)

Originally posted on Drill or Drop?:

22nd June 2014

Transcripts of the last week of parliamentary debates and questions on fracking and shale gas and oil

  • Michael Fallon denies any cases of water contamination from fracking
  • Value of shale gas to the economy
  • Investment in the shale gas industry
  • The Lords debate the Infrastructure Bill proposals to allow drilling without landowers’ consent
  • Learning from the American experience

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Lyudmyla from Pavlohrad left two children at home and went to defend the homeland

Originally posted on Voices of Ukraine:

By Alyona Dryha

06.18.2014 Zorya.org.ua
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 11.18.28 AM

Yulia had a birthday recently. Unlike many of her peers, she doesn’t dream about a Tablet or an iPhone. Blowing out the candles, Yulia was thinking about her mom. For a month now, her mother has been serving in the Donbas Battalion. Yulia is worried about her but is also very proud.

To maintain their safety, volunteer soldiers of the Donbas Battalion do not disclose their last names and hide their faces. They refer to each other by a callsign. Lyudmyla was immediately dubbed “Builder.” After all, she worked at a construction business before Donbas.

“I’ve been with the battalion for about a month,” the woman retells. “I really wanted to help my homeland. I read on Facebook that volunteers were needed. I used to be a nurse. I realized that my skills would be useful during the…

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Foreign Ministry, Defense Ministry blame Kremlin-backed insurgents for violating peace plan

A flag (C) of the self-proclaimed A flag (C) of the self-proclaimed “Lugansk People’s Republic” hangs outside the headquarters on June 22. The flag flying at left reads: “victory in 1945, victory in 2014″. Donetsk and the neighbouring heavily Russified region of Lugansk declared independence in disputed May 11 referenda, the legitimacy of which was rejected by Kyiv and the West. AFP PHOTO / JOHN MACDOUGALL © AFP

Note: The following is a joint statement released on June 22 by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defense Ministry.

As an expression of firm intention to protect the lives of people and security of the State, President of Ukraine – Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko started implementing the peace plan aimed at settlement of the situation in some areas of Ukraine’s eastern regions.

The President’s order on unilateral ceasefire, given to the Armed Forces, National Guard, border guards and units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, has become the first step in this direction.

Ukraine is committed to strictly follow a peace-building path.

The stance of the Ukrainian President has gained unanimous support of the international community.

In response to the peace restoring initiative, the gunmen and terrorists launched continued armed attacks, blatantly violating the truce.

Throughout just one night on June 22, the illegal armed groups opened fire eleven times at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kramatorsk, Sloviansk, Artemivsk and other cities. During the day gunmen undertook consequent armed and mortar attacks on Ukrainian border guards near Chervonopartyzansk, Biriukovo and Nozdrivka in Lugansk region. Provocations continue.

Gunmen’s assaults aimed at escalating the situation require strong and immediate international condemnation.

Ukraine calls on all international partners to support our sustained efforts to restore peace and unconditional implementation of the Geneva declaration of 17 April by its all Sides.

Our principal demand is addressed to Russia. Our country, along with the international community, urges the Russian Federation to truly and efficiently support the Ukrainian President’s peace plan. Russia is expected to ensure sufficient protection of border from terrorists, as well as unconditionally use its absolute impact on illegal terrorist groups in the east of Ukraine to make them immediately ceasefire and lay down their weapons. Any further encouragements for terrorists will have critical consequences.

Kyiv Post

Ukrainians bring funeral wreaths to Russian embassies, consulates to protest war against Ukraine

People laid funeral wreaths near the Russian consulate in Lviv on June 21.People laid funeral wreaths near the Russian consulate in Lviv on June 21. Ukrainians througout the world protested against Russian aggression against Ukraine by bringing funeral wreaths to the buildings of Russian diplomatic missions abroad. © Courtesy

Ukrainians in many nations have organized a global flash mob to draw attention to Russia’s war against Ukraine, which has included the military invasion and annexation of the Crimean peninsula and now the Kremlin-fuelled separatist war in eastern regions.

People brought funeral wreaths to commemorate the war’s victims, which includes more than 150 Ukrainian servicemen and more than 200 civilians, including 14 children.

The protests took place in New York, Toronto, Vancouver, The Hague, Vilnius, Warsaw, Brussels, Sidney, Valencia as well as in Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkiv.

People called on the international community to acknowledge the Kremlin’s responsibility for the bloodshed in eastern Ukraine.

“How many more deaths will be needed to acknowledge that Russia has started a war in Ukraine and Putin must be stopped now?” flash mob participants asked.

Activists demanded NATO to buy the two Mistral warships that France is planning to sell to Russia. People also urged Western governments to impose third-level sanctions against Russia — the so-called sectoral sanctions aimed at crippling Russia’s economic engines of energy, military and finance. The protesters want nations to stop all cooperation that assists Russia’s military and police modernization and armament.

They also called for better military equipment for the Ukrainian army, the cancellation of visa regimes for Ukrainians and the revocation of visas for leading propagandists of Vladimir Putin’s regime.

People also expect the West to apply strict money-laundering control for all money coming from Russia and Belarus and investigate the operations of Russian gas monopoly Gazprom, which, they say, violate European Union anti-monopoly legislation.

The flash mob participants were not numerous. Natasha Zwart, one of the flash mob organizers in The Hague, Netherlands, told the Kyiv Post that around 20 people attended the protest while Russian diplomats “were hiding in the building.”

The protests occurred without incidents in most of the countries except for New York and Vilnius, Lithuania, where Russians tried to take away the funeral wreaths away from the mission’s buildings. Protesters shouted “Shame on you! Shame on Russia!” near the permanent mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations in New York.

In Vilnius, Russian embassy guards demanded the protesters get out and called the police. Natalja Bitautiene, one of the participants of the flash mob in Vilnius, says that all the funeral wreaths near the Russian embassy quickly disappeared. “All the wreaths were quickly removed. I hope they are at least ashamed!” she wrote on the Vilnius flash mob Facebook page.

Ukrainians living in London also joined the protest, yet they did not get a permit from local authorities to lay wreaths near the Russian embassy. Instead the people silently marched near its building.

Zwart from Hague said it was just the beginning. Now the organizers think about creating a coordinating group for Ukrainian activists all over the world in order to continue the protests for their messages to be heard.

Kyiv Post staff writer Nataliya Trach can be reached at trach@kyivpost.com

Kyiv Post

Poroshenko talks peace plan to the nation. #UnitedForUkraine

President Petro Poroshenko gave a televised address to the nation on June 21, where he discussed the recent 14-point plan to bring peace to eastern Ukraine.President Petro Poroshenko gave a televised address to the nation on June 21, where he discussed the recent 14-point plan to bring peace to eastern Ukraine. © Anastasia Vlasova

President Petro Poroshenko made a televised address to the nation on June 21, in which he discussed his 14-point peace plan.

The president emphasized that the territorial structure of the country would not be up for negotiation, although he does advocate a “broad decentralization of power.” He appealed to grassroots organizations to work with him in returning the Donbas region to peace, and vowed that local elections would take place soon. His only appeal to the anti-Ukrainian activists who had seized control of several cities was for them to lay down their arms.

The restoration process of the region will be done with the help of the European Union – not Russia. In fact, Poroshenko only made reference to Russia once, and then indirectly, when he mentioned at the end, almost as an aside, that Russian President Vladimir Putin approves of the plan. Prior to that, he listed the names of European leaders who supported his policy.

In a marked escalation of rhetoric, President Poroshenko used the word “mercenaries” to refer to the armed insurgents who control much of the Donbas region, as opposed to “separatists”. This signified official recognition that the gunmen are being funded from abroad.

For the full text of President Poroshenko’s address, follow this link.

Kyiv Post


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