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#Ukraine: Defence Ministry told about the origin of tanks in #Slovyansk.

Captured pro-Russian separatists tank.

Today, 27th of June, through successful actions by the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a tank, which was used by terrorists during an attack on a Ukrainian military base in Artemivsk, was blocked and then seized.

After the analysis undertaken by the Military Service of Law Enforcement in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Armed Forces Armaments, it was confirmed that according to the manufacturer number the tank T-64BV was produced in October 1987 on Kharkiv Malishev tank factory. According to the archives this military equipment was sent to a military base, which was located on the territory of Russia at the time. Reports the press office of the MoD.

This tank T-64BV is not registered with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Similar conclusions have been drawn on the rest of the captured terrorists’ weapons. In particular, a seized from the gunmen, manual RPO-A “Bumblebee” with demonstrative sign “from Russia with love” was also brought into the country from the Russian Federation.

manual RPO-A “Bumblebee”

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#Fracking will put at risk our clean water supplies

A fracking protest at BalcombeA fracking protest at Balcombe

During the last couple of weeks correspondence/reports to The Argus about fracking have been numerous, expressing concern that proposed planning decisions have been put on hold for more evidence to emerge.

The Government plan to introduce legislation for oil/gas companies to conduct drilling exploration beneath areas is totally undemocratic.

All political parties carry the responsibility for this. Democracy is being replaced by hypocrisy.

Decisions on fracking for gas/oil must be left in the hands of local communities not Government.

Westminster needs to be firmly reminded of this.

Future generations must be protected to ensure environmental safeguards are maintained.

The future availability and supply of clean water within society is of paramount importance.

It must not be exploited by Governments or multinational firms.

No gas – no lights?’ – ‘No water – no life!’ J Burns, Henfield.

From:The Argus Header Logo

Eyewitness: Most of the damage in Slovyansk is done by separatists

Rebels in Slovyansk

A resident of Slovyansk said in an interview that terrorists regularly shoot at residential quarters of the town. He understood this on example of his own house tracing the trajectory of the projectile. According to him gunmen do this to cause hatred and anger towards Ukraine and the Ukrainian army. Unfortunately they achieve this.

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#Russia Loses Another One of Its Early-Warning Satellites

A model of a military satellite being displayed at an exhibition in Moscow.A model of a military satellite being displayed at an exhibition in Moscow.

The odds of a nuclear-arms miscalculation by Moscow could increase because another one of its threat-detection satellites has ceased working.

The Russian defense ministry has revealed that its last geostationary satellite, which remains in permanent orbit above the United States, has stopped functioning, according to the science news website io9. Russia has other satellites capable of detecting intercontinental ballistic-missile launches, but they travel in highly elliptical orbits instead of being positioned directly above the United States, as was the case with the now-defunct Cosmos 2479 satellite, the Moscow Times reported on Wednesday.

An anonymous ministry source told the Kommersant newspaper that the Cosmos 2479 was originally supposed to operate until 2017-2019, but that it began showing performance problems not long after it was launched in 2012. The space-based sensor was able to maintain a certain level of performance but that ended in April, the source said.

Russia’s ability to detect ICBM threats has been getting worse over the years as more and more of its constellation of Soviet-era missile-detection satellites have ceased operating. At present, the former Cold War power can only monitor for U.S. missile launches for three hours a day.

Without comprehensive antimissile satellite coverage of the Earth, it becomes more difficult to distinguish a possible ICBM launch from a scientific rocket firing or a naturally occurring phenomenon. An inability to distinguish innocuous events from missile threats raises the likelihood of a strategic nuclear miscalculation, particularly during a time of already high East-West tensions.

Global Security Newswire

Brighton Pride: Last chance to grab £17.50 advance tickets #FreedomToLive

Brighton Pride 2014

The temperature is rising, the excitement is building and the countdown is on.

Yes the city’s proudest day is almost upon us, Brighton Pride 2014 is almost here.

With a line-up that includes so many spectacular wonders including Sam Bailey, Blue, Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt and Martha Wash, the all new Q Alt Music Live Stage with Republica, Massive Ego, Q-Boy and Lucy Spraggon plus Brighton Pride favourites Calabash, The Legends Cabaret Tent, The Women’s Dance Tent, Men’s Zone, Community Village, Literature Live Tent and the super-sized Wild Fruit Dance Tent, Brighton Pride 2014 is set to deliver the UK’s most colourful and flamboyant Pride celebration yet.

With more acts to be confirmed and the fastest selling ticket sales Brighton Pride has ever seen, 2014 is certain surpass all fundraising records and deliver a glorious day of Pride for everyone.

Tickets for the Pride festival have been on sale since February and all early Birds and discounted advance have now sold out !

Make sure you are part of this best of Brighton days and grab the last of the Pride Festival £17.50 advance tickets today.

£17.50 Advance second release available until the end of June /£20 in July/ More on the day.

Get your Pride tickets here

Pride Brighton & Hove 2014: Freedom To Live

Pride Festival Preston Park 12noon – 10pm.

Follow Brighton Pride on Twitter, Facebook & Youtube

Brighton & Hove Pride


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