#Fracking will put at risk our clean water supplies

A fracking protest at BalcombeA fracking protest at Balcombe

During the last couple of weeks correspondence/reports to The Argus about fracking have been numerous, expressing concern that proposed planning decisions have been put on hold for more evidence to emerge.

The Government plan to introduce legislation for oil/gas companies to conduct drilling exploration beneath areas is totally undemocratic.

All political parties carry the responsibility for this. Democracy is being replaced by hypocrisy.

Decisions on fracking for gas/oil must be left in the hands of local communities not Government.

Westminster needs to be firmly reminded of this.

Future generations must be protected to ensure environmental safeguards are maintained.

The future availability and supply of clean water within society is of paramount importance.

It must not be exploited by Governments or multinational firms.

No gas – no lights?’ – ‘No water – no life!’ J Burns, Henfield.

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