#Ukraine: Defence Ministry told about the origin of tanks in #Slovyansk.

Captured pro-Russian separatists tank.

Today, 27th of June, through successful actions by the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a tank, which was used by terrorists during an attack on a Ukrainian military base in Artemivsk, was blocked and then seized.

After the analysis undertaken by the Military Service of Law Enforcement in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Armed Forces Armaments, it was confirmed that according to the manufacturer number the tank T-64BV was produced in October 1987 on Kharkiv Malishev tank factory. According to the archives this military equipment was sent to a military base, which was located on the territory of Russia at the time. Reports the press office of the MoD.

This tank T-64BV is not registered with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Similar conclusions have been drawn on the rest of the captured terrorists’ weapons. In particular, a seized from the gunmen, manual RPO-A “Bumblebee” with demonstrative sign “from Russia with love” was also brought into the country from the Russian Federation.

manual RPO-A “Bumblebee”

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