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Changes to the site

Need New Ideas

Many of you will have noticed that I now have a static front page and my blog posts have been moved to here, the front page is a work in progress as I’m still deciding on how I want it to look :-) I have also had to make one or two changes to the settings to help further reduce the amount of spam I get in the comments section.

Users now must be registered and logged in to WordPress, Twitter or Facebook before they can leave a comment, I thought that this was the best way to prevent spammers, after all if you are registered with one of these accounts it would be easier to trace you and put a stop to your activities by contacting the relevant platform.

Your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome in the comment section below.

New to WordPress? Receiving too much email?

Originally posted on Global Newsstand:

WordPress recently removed the link to your stats from the menu,
Wordpress Menu

However there is still a quick link to your stats at the top of the page.

Stats link

Are you receiving too many emails from the blogs you follow? Did you know you can reduce the amount of email received or even stop them altogether.

Modify your subscription settings for individual blogs you follow here


Modify your subscription settings for all blogs you follow here

If you have any tips or advice for other wordpress users please comment below. Thanks :)

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Global following, Flag Counter

My Visitor Flag CounterMany of you will have noticed the Visitor flag counter on the left of my site and in the past 2 weeks (since I started using it), 42 different countries have visited this site, some are following the site and others may only view the site once and never return, but a vast majority visit the site often but do not follow me and I think I know why!

Breakdown of site visitors

The trouble with wordpress is it sends an email to my followers every time I post something new and people get fed up with wordpress sites clogging up their inbox, I know I did! But there’s a way to prevent this, click here for the solution, I opted out of receiving all emails simply because a lot of sites post 10 or more times a day and even if you opt for a daily digest you could end up with receiving an email of several megabytes.

WordPress sends the complete post (including pictures), so even if you opt for the daily digest you will end up with 10 or more posts & pictures which seriously clogs your inbox and slows your connection.

Now if only wordpress would send just the post title(s) and 2 or 3 lines from each post it would be better for everyone and we would all probably get more people following us.

Visitors’ Web Browsers
Visitors Web Browsers

Visitors’ Operating Systems
Visitors' Operating Systems

If you would like a free flag counter for your blog/website click here. If you want the advanced features I highly recommend you go for paid subscription.

New look Theme #UnitedForUkraine

UnitedForUkraine Theme

New Look based on the The Twenty Fourteen Theme, is it ok or just plain O.T.T. rate it above, thumbs up you like :) or thumbs down :(

WordPress: Trying out the tlk.io webchat widget


I don’t know if this widget is new or not but I thought I’d give it a go, webchat can be good for a blog either for a debate or just to chat with fellow users.

I’ll give it a month and see how it goes http://tlk.io/take-a-stand or create your own chat room here http://tlk.io/


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