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Authorities investigate the man beside the so-called Ginger Jihadist #ISIS

Friends in low places ... 17-year-old Abdullah Elmir appears to have fallen in with Mohamed Elomar. Source: YouTubeFriends in low places … 17-year-old Abdullah Elmir appears to have fallen in with Mohamed Elomar. Source: YouTube

THE wanted Australian terrorist Mohamed Elomar appears to have surfaced in the same Islamic State propaganda video that featured the Sydney teenage runaway dubbed the Ginger Jihadist.

Abdullah Elmir, aged 17, shocked the world on Tuesday when he delivered a depraved threat to world leaders including Tony Abbott, saying the black flag of IS would eventually fly all over the West.

The teenager left home in June after telling his parents he was going on a fishing trip.

A closer inspection of the video has caused speculation to mount about the identity of another man in the chilling video. Intelligence officers are now investigating whether the man to Elmir’s right is the notorious extremist, Elomar.

Elomar, a former boxing champion, joined IS in Syria and has appeared in many propaganda videos holding severed heads.

He became a poster boy for the depraved death cult when shocking images surfaced of his two young sons holding a severed head.

Depraved ... Elomar has risen to prominence for gory photo shoots featuring severed heads of IS dissentersDepraved … Elomar has risen to prominence for gory photo shoots featuring severed heads of IS dissenters. Source: News Corp Australia

Young friends struggle with Elmir’s shock turn:

FRIENDS of the Australian teenager have come out in defence of their former mate.

The former Bankstown schoolboy, Elmir, was branded a “stupid idiot” by family members and a “dickhead” by Australian Senator David Leyonhjelm after he appeared in the IS video.

But his young friends say they “defend his legacy” as they struggle to get their heads around the drastic transformation they’ve seen in the boy.

Speaking to the ABC one of Elmir’s friends said, “his friends were taken by surprise by his sudden departure”.

“It’s causing a lot of conflict on social media,” she said.

“His close friends are trying to get everyone to respect Abdullah’s decision and not cuss him as he was just as normal as anyone else.”

Another friend told the ABC through Facebook, “never make judgements on a situation you’ve never been in. Never make judgements on decisions you’ve never had to make.”

Another also said, “I swear, people get mad because we defend his legacy, he is still our mate and that’s not changing anything.”

Before travelling to the Middle East it has been reported that Elmir had a love of theatre and last year, while in year 10, wrote about looking forward to more great performances.

Brainwashed...family members of Elmir, say he has been brainwashed by IS. Picture: Youtube. Source: SuppliedBrainwashed…family members of Elmir, say he has been brainwashed by IS.. Picture: Youtube. Source: Supplied

He ran away from his Bankstown home on June 20, soon after his 17th birthday, with his 16-year-old friend, known only Feiz.

Elmir told his parents that he was off on a fishing trip, but his true motives were much more sinister.

He travelled to Perth, and then flew out to Malaysia and then Turkey before crossing the border into Syria.

Intelligence agencies believe he has been in Syria for the past four months, but he was not considered a priority target by intelligence agencies before the release of the video.


#ISIS: Image of #Baby Girl Being ‘#Beheaded’ Emerges Out of Phones Recovered from Dead Jihadists

ISISA shocking image has been recovered out of dead jihadists’ phone of a baby girl being beheaded by ISIS militants. Reuters.

Gopi Chandra Kharel reporting,

A shocking image has been recovered of a baby girl moments from being beheaded by the dreaded ISIS militants. The image was one of several other pictures that emerged out of phones retrieved from dead fanatics recovered by Kurdish soldiers in the Syrian town of Kobane.

The image reportedly shows the child being pinned to the floor with a knife held to her throat by the jihadist. It is reported that the baby possibly belonged to a family of Alevi Muslim, a branch of Islam whose followers have been regularly targeted by the so called Islamic State militants. It is also feared that the baby was killed along with her family.

Highlighting the terror of the group, many fighters have circulated the picture on Facebook and have nicknamed the little girl as ‘Melek’, which means ‘angel’.

British tabloid Daily Mail reported that other pictures showing beheadings and jihadists playing football with the severed heads of victims have also emerged from the phones.

A source who reportedly obtained the picture of the girl from YPH soldiers told Mail: “Each time I look at this picture it makes we weep. You can see how frightened she is. I can almost hear her scream. What kind of depraved monsters are they? What pleasure can killing this child bring anyone?”

“The people of Kobane are desperate for the world to see with their own eyes the atrocities inflicted by these filth,” the source, recognized only as ‘Ali’ added.

The report also cites soldiers as saying that the girl, a woman and an older child – thought to be Melek’s mother and sister – were seen being dragged out of a hiding place by the IS militants, during an airstrike in an unspecified date.

“Some have a flicker of hope in their hearts that they might have escaped,” Ali was quoted as saying.

International Business Times.

British Imams Condemn #ISIS

“We are Muslims united against ISIS, against terrorism, against atrocity, against pain and suffering.”

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Russian Peace Activist Stages Dramatic Protest Against #Russia’s Policies on #Ukraine

By Anna Dolgov.
Kado Cornet walked barefoot down St. Petersburg's Nevsky Prospect.Kado Cornet walked barefoot down St. Petersburg’s Nevsky Prospect. Vyacheslav Vereshchagin / Grani.ru / YouTube.

A peace activist has staged an emotive protest against the Kremlin’s policies on Ukraine by wandering blindfolded through St. Petersburg with her hands stained blood-red.

The activist, who goes by pseudonym Kado Cornet, was captured in a YouTube video walking barefoot down St. Petersburg’s central Nevsky Prospect, clad in a red skirt, blue shirt and a white headscarf — the colors of the Russian flag.

Cornet also wore on her wrists the orange-and-black ribbons of St. George — a Russian symbol of military valor — and a blindfold over her eyes, while walking with her outstretched hands stained in red.

This is my Motherland. Blinded, insane, screaming in agony,” the activist said Saturday on her Facebook page. “It does not know where it is going, but it is sure that everyone should be afraid of its hands, which are stained in blood — others’ and its own.

Passersby stopped in their tracks to watch the young woman as she staggered forward, emitting screams, witnesses said.

This action made a most powerful impression on me,” Vadim Lurye from St. Petersburg said on his Facebook page. “Kado walked and screamed, and her scream could not be ignored. People received this action much more readily than any protest sign.

The action titled “Russia’s Scream” ended after Cornet collapsed near the renowned Yeliseyevsky food store, lying motionlessly on the pavement, according to social media accounts.

While some passersby expressed concerns that the young woman may have fallen ill, nobody appeared willing to approach her except a homeless man, the protester and witnesses reported.

“When Russia falls, it will turn out that nobody except a homeless drunk is able to come to its aid,” Cornet said via Facebook.

A police officer summoned to the scene called an ambulance, Lurye said, though the protester appeared to be in good health, saying later on her Facebook page that she planned to travel around the country and eastern Europe in the coming days.

The artistic action was received positively by a number of Facebook users.

One woman praised the “fragile young woman, who is stronger than a million healthy men who are quietly watching from the side or yapping support for the authorities.”

Brave girl, well done,” wrote another Facebook user.

The West has repeatedly accused the Kremlin of supplying arms to pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, leading to a conflict with government forces that has left thousands dead and many more displaced. The Kremlin has denied the charges.

But Cornet in her Facebook message was keen to underline that her protest was not just directed at those in power: “No one who has tried to turn a deaf ear to this scream will be able to wash off the blood,” she wrote.

The Moscow Times.

#Facebook finds brutal war photo appropriate, only removes it after #complaints! #XelaRekrap

Facebook user Xela Rekrap posted a picture of dead Ukrainian soldier hanging on the high voltage wires on Sept. 4. © CourtesyFacebook user Xela Rekrap posted a picture of dead Ukrainian soldier hanging on the high voltage wires on Sept. 4. © Courtesy

On Sept. 5 Ukrainian Facebook users were shocked as the world’s biggest social network seemed to deliberately overlook some abusive posts related to the war in Ukraine’s east.

Kyiv Post.


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