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UK: #Portsmouth teenager Mehdi Hassan killed fighting for #ISIS in #Syria

Mehdi Hassan, also known as Abu DujanaMehdi Hassan, also known as Abu Dujana. He is the fourth member of the ‘Britani Brigade Bangladeshi Bad Boys’ to die.

Lizzie Dearden reporting,

A teenage jihadist from Portsmouth has become the fourth extremist from the city to be killed fighting with Isis in Syria.

Mehdi Hassan, 19, travelled to the war-torn country in October last year with a group of friends calling themselves the “Britani Brigade Bangladeshi Bad Boys”.

Photos purporting to show his dead body appeared on Isis-affiliated Twitter accounts on Friday night, with fellow militants claiming he was killed fighting in Kobani.

The Syrian border town has seen intense fighting in recent weeks, with the US-led coalition bombing Isis militants and dropping weapons to Kurdish fighters attempting to stop the group’s advance.

The Foreign Office said it could not confirm Mr Hassan’s death but “was aware of reports about the death of a British national in Syria”.

Mehdi Hassan's Twitter accountMehdi Hassan’s Twitter account

The news did not reach his family, who live in Southsea, until Saturday morning as gruesome pictures of his body circulated on social media.

The chairman of their local Portsmouth Jami Mosque, Abdul Jalil, said he had spoken to Mr Hassan’s relatives.

“It has been confirmed with the family that he has died. Right now they are very upset,” he told the BBC.

“I am saddened and again shocked for the community about this news.”

The teenager, a former pupil at the independent St John’s College in Southsea, flew to Turkey and crossed into Syria instead of going to university.

His friends, Iftekar Jaman, Mamunur Roshid and Hamidur Rahman, have previously been killed in the fighting.

Mr Roshid’s death, at the age of 24, had been confirmed on Tuesday.

People watch an explosion after an apparent US-led coalition air strike on Kobani, SyriaPeople watch an explosion after an apparent US-led coalition air strike on Kobani, Syria

Mr Hassan went by the name Abu Dujana in Syria and on social media.

He last posted on his Twitter account @AbuDujana___ on 17 October, writing about the intensity of air strikes in Ayn al-Arab – an alternative name for Kobani.

“Between 20-40 US strikes daily in ayn al arab. Alhamdulillah they are spending $10’s of billions…against themselves,” he wrote.

He had previously written about jihad and the goal of “ultimate success in the hereafter”, although his account had been deleted by Twitter several times.

Mashudur Choudhury, who left the UK with Mr Hassan, returned to the UK after just a few weeks and was arrested at Gatwick Airport.

He has since been convicted of terrorist offences in the first such case related to the conflict in Syria.

Assad Uzzaman is believed to be the last surviving member of the “Bad Boys” still fighting there.

An estimated 500 Britons are among 2,000 foreign fighters who have joined Isis, which calls itself the Islamic State.

It is waging a bloody war across Syria and Iraq to establish a hardline Islamic caliphate.

The Independent.

#ISIS: The ‘cub of Baghdadi': Has this boy become the youngest victim of Isis’s use of child soldiers?

ISIS - Young boy 'soldier'Young boy is seen holding guns in images circulated on social media.

Heather Saul reporting,

Isis supporters are circulating images of a child they say has become the youngest foreign fighter to be killed in battle for the jihadist group, according a counter-extremism think tank.

The images, which cannot be independently verified, show a young boy believed to be about 10-years-old holding guns, posing with a balaclava stretched across his face and standing alongside a man thought to be his father who is reportedly a militant.

Those sharing the pictures are paying tribute to the child on Twitter as the youngest martyr from the Arabian Peninsula to have been killed in Syria as Isis tries to establish a caliphate across swathes of the region, according to Charlie Cooper, a researcher at the Quilliam Foundation.

Mr Cooper said the images have been circulated on social media with hashtags translated as ‘martyrdom of the cub of Baghdadi and his father’. It is claimed that reports of his death first emerged on 26 September and that he was killed fighting alongside his father.

The child’s alleged death comes after an Australian man fighting for Isis posted a picture online showing his young son holding the severed head of a Syrian soldier in August, with the caption: “That’s my boy.”

In the same month, a report by the United Nations Human Rights Council found Isis affiliated groups have recruited, trained and used children in active combat roles.

It also found Isis has established training camps to recruit children into armed roles, where they would receive weapons training and religious education. In Raqqa, children as young as ten were being recruited and trained by Isis.

The UN said: “In using children below the age of 15, the group has committed a war crime.”

News of the boy’s alleged death comes as video footage was released showing Isis firing on targets on the besieged Syria-Turkey border town of Kobani.

The video has been distributed by the pro-Isis media group Al-A’amaq, who publish clips showing the strategic assets seized by the group and where it is advancing.

In it, the fighters can be heard vowing to descend on the town in spite of coalition air strikes, with one warning: “We will enter the city and free it from non-believers.”

The Independent.

British Imams Condemn #ISIS

“We are Muslims united against ISIS, against terrorism, against atrocity, against pain and suffering.”

For more information about Imams Online,

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New iPhones run into software, bending complaints #iOS8 #Apple #iPhone6Plus

Apple iOS 8.01 update problemsFILE – In this June 2, 2014 photo, Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks about iOS 8 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Apple has stopped providing an update to its new iOS 8 mobile operating software, following complaints by some users who said Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2014, that the update interferes with their ability to make phone calls. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple’s newest iPhones ran into some glitches Wednesday after users complained that a new software update blocked their calls, while a widely circulated video showed the larger of the two new models is vulnerable to bending.

Apple said it would stop providing the software update, which it began distributing Wednesday morning to fix several issues in last week’s iOS 8 operating system for iPhones and iPads.

The decision to pull the update came after some people complained on Twitter and in Apple user chatrooms that the update, dubbed iOS 8.0.1, rendered their phones unable to make calls and caused problems with a feature that lets people unlock their phones with their fingerprint.

By midday Wednesday, Apple announced that it was investigating the reports and would issue advice to users “as quickly as we can.” Users are still able to the upgrade older phones to last week’s version of iOS 8, which Apple said has already been downloaded to nearly half of all iOS devices.

Some tech blogs reported the update only seemed to cause problems for the latest phone models — the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It’s not uncommon for new software to contain bugs that have to be fixed with subsequent releases.

Meanwhile, social media sites were buzzing Wednesday with reports that the aluminum shell of the iPhone 6 Plus is vulnerable to bending. Some Twitter users claimed their phones showed a slight curving at one end after several hours in a pants pocket. With a 5.5-inch screen, the iPhone 6 Plus is slightly longer and thinner than other iPhone models.

It’s not clear how widespread the complaints are. One YouTube video showed someone bending an iPhone 6 Plus by applying extended pressure with his hands — not from normal sitting.

Both the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus were given high ratings in a recent “breakability” test conducted by SquareTrade, a San Francisco firm that sells insurance to consumers for their electronic devices. The test did not include bending.

But SquareTrade Chief Marketing Officer Ty Shay said that after reports of bending circulated online, two staffers at his firm tried to bend a pair of 6 Plus phones: One staffer, a man, was able to duplicate the results from the video, while the other, a woman, could not. He said the bent phone appeared to still function normally.

Shay said his firm then checked and found a small number of bent older-model iPhones had been reported in the past. “It does happen,” said Shay, “but it seems like for the most part it’s cosmetic damage.”

He suggested the bending is not a major issue. Referring to the iPhone 6 Plus, he added, “I think it’s still a very durable phone. But we’ll keep an eye on the claims.”

Apple did not comment on the reports of bending.

The Associated Press.

Islamic State urges Muslims to kill Australian ‘unbelievers’ #Australia #ISIS

Islamic State has urged Muslims to take action against any country involved in Iraq working against it. Source: AFPIslamic State has urged Muslims to take action against any country involved in Iraq working against it. Source: AFP

AUSTRALIA has received a direct threat from Islamic State fighters in a chilling new video recording, which the government believes is genuine.

The 42-minute propaganda video, which has been circulated on social media, urges Muslims to launch attacks on civilians in a number of countries including France, Australia and Canada, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News reported.

The audio, which is in Arabic but translated in an 11-page document online, calls on Muslims everywhere to attack anyone involved in the US-led coalition against it.

In the video, which has been uploaded to Twitter, IS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani said Muslims should kill “disbelievers” in countries that support “in any manner” the military action against the group in Iraq.

“If you can kill a disbelieving American or European — especially the spiteful and filthy French — or an Australian, or a Canadian, or any other disbeliever from the disbelievers waging war, including the citizens of the countries that entered into a coalition against the Islamic State … kill him in any manner or way however it may be,” Adnani is heard saying, according to the translated document.

“Do not ask for anyone’s advice and do not seek anyone’s verdict. Kill the disbeliever whether he is civilian or military, for they have the same ruling.”

He also tells supporters they are “like predatory warriors” who “face death bare chests”.

Australia is mentioned three times throughout the translated document including the line where he asks followers why Australia is getting involved in Iraq.

“What threat do you pose to the distant place of Australia for it to send its legions towards you?”

The audio threat mirrors earlier threats issued by IS, also known as ISIS and ISIL, which warned that it planned to kill American journalists James Foley and Stephen Sotloff as well as British aid worker David Haines.

In a statement given to news.com.au, a spokesman for Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Australian agencies regarded the statement issued by IS calling for attacks against members of the international coalition, including Australians, as genuine.

The spokesman said the statement and planned attacks thwarted by security agencies last week supported the government’s strong action to date.

“We are giving our law enforcement and security agencies the resources and legislative powers they need to keep Australia and Australians as safe as possible,” he said.

“We have already provided more than $630 million to boost the counterterrorism capacity of the Australian Federal Police, ASIO, ASIS, Customs and Border Protection and other agencies.

“We are also updating counterterrorism legislation to strengthen our agencies’ capability to prevent and disrupt domestic security threats and we are preparing to contribute to international efforts to disrupt and degrade ISIL terrorists.”

He added that Australia had been a target of terrorist organisations in the past, including from al-Qaeda and its offshoots, “because we are free, pluralist, tolerant, welcoming and accepting”.

“ISIL will claim that our involvement in this international effort is the reason they are targeting us, but these people do not attack us for what we do, but for who we are and how we live,” he said.

The emergence of the latest video comes as Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott today delivered a tough security statement to parliament, revealing terrorists had been urging attacks against Australian targets for months.

Mr Abbott told Parliament that the major anti-terrorist raids across Sydney and Brisbane last week disrupted an Islamic State plot to stage a shocking execution on home soil.

He also said the government was aware of at least 60 “misguided and alienated Australians” fighting with terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq, and of at least 100 Australians who are supporting them.

The video also raised alarm bells in Canada.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s spokesman told the CBC that he condemned the recording and that his country would continue to support efforts to defeat IS.



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