In Kyiv, mourning continues a week after the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight #MH17

Kyiv Post Editor’s Note: Kyiv photographer and video journalist Zoya Shu shot this video, with English subtitles, outside the Netherlands Embassy in Kyiv, where hundreds have come to pay their respects daily to the 298 people killed aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 on July 17. Most of the victims were Dutch residents flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

People in Kyiv mourn the victims of the MH17 flight

Shu writes: 

“At once after the #MH17 tragedy people in Kyiv, Ukraine, started bringing flowers, toys and candles to the embassies of the Netherlands, Malaysia, United Kingdom and others, to express their condolences as they mourned the victims of the flight.

They keep coming evan now. People stand there in silence, pray, cry. And only kids violate the silence by asking about it, with the childlike directness. It was rather hard to make this video, it’s just plain sadness…Ukraine, always such a peaceful and calm place, has been in turmoil for months, there have already been so many victims of this artificially fomented conflict.

I can not comprehend why people do all that evil to other people. It does not look like it will stop any time soon, but that’s one of my biggest wishes right now.”

Kyiv Post.

EU to widen Russia sanctions #MH17

EU ministers have been meeting in Brussels to discuss tightening sanctions against Russia for backing the rebel separatist fighters blamed for shooting down a Malaysia Airlines plane.

There is widespread anger over the plane crash in eastern Ukraine, in which 298 people died.

A statement after the talks said that the EU would prepare “proposals for taking action, including on access to capital markets, defence, dual-use goods, and sensitive technologies, including in the energy sector”.

Gavin Hewitt reports from Brussels.

Flight #MH17: Search continues for more remains of victims ‘still at crash site’

MH17 plane debris ‘may have been changed’

The search for victims of the Malaysia Airlines crash in Ukraine must go on as only about 200 bodies appear to have been found so far, Dutch officials say.

Forensics expert Jan Tuinder said his team had begun counting the bodies that earlier arrived in the town of Kharkiv.

The first bodies, which were moved out of territory held by pro-Russian rebels, are due to be flown to the Netherlands on Wednesday.

The plane crashed in a rebel-held area last Thursday killing all 298 on board.

Western nations say there is growing evidence the rebels shot down the plane using a missile supplied by Russia.

Russia, however, has suggested Ukrainian government forces are to blame.

Experts have expressed concern that forensic evidence at the crash site could be lostExperts have expressed concern that forensic evidence at the crash site could be lost

Speaking at a news conference in the town of Kharkiv, Mr Tuinder said they would have to go back to the crash site to carry out another search.

“We will not leave until [all] remains have left this country so we will have to go on and bargain again with the people over there,” he said.

It was widely reported that more than 280 bodies had been on the train, which brought the remains to Kharkiv.

However, Mr Tuinder later clarified that a reliable source who was there during the loading of the bodies on to the train had given a figure of 200.

He said this number could increase as the forensics teams go through the refrigerated wagons.

A newly released satellite image shows the crash site in the middle of Grabove in eastern UkraineA newly released satellite image shows the crash site in the middle of Grabove in eastern Ukraine

Meanwhile, in a statement, Interpol said international experts in Kharkiv would carry out preliminary examinations on the bodies before their transport to the Netherlands.

Most of those who died when the Boeing 777 crashed were Dutch, and the first remains are due to be flown from Kharkiv to the Dutch city of Eindhoven on Wednesday.

From there, they will go to a facility in the city of Hilversum for identification – a process which Dutch officials say could take months.

The Dutch government has declared Wednesday a national day of mourning.

Interpol said the remains of victims recovered so far from the crash site had been “labelled and numbered before being transported in refrigerated freight wagons from Donetsk to Kharkiv”.

MH17 crash Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte on plans for repatriation Continue reading

BBC News: Flight #MH17 – Dutch experts examine bodies

Three Dutch investigators have examined bodies from the crashed Malaysia Airlines passenger plane, which are being kept on a train in east Ukraine.

The experts said the train may later leave the rebel-held town of Torez to start identification process.

All 298 people on board MH17 died – the Ukrainian government says 272 bodies have been recovered.

Natalia Antelava reports.

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BBC News.

UK: #Spectacular #pictures and #video as #thunderstorm strikes #Sussex

Lightning strike over the West Pier by Nick WoodLightning strike over the West Pier remains by Nick Wood.

One of the hottest days of the year came to a brisk end when an overnight thunderstorm struck Sussex.

Thousands of people were woken from their slumber in the early hours of friday morning when the storm approached the coast from the English Channel.

A picture from a Worthing resident appears to show Worthing Pier being struck by a bright flash of lightning – although West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said it was not hit.

Worthing Pier lightning strike

Click here for a gallery of readers pictures

Elsewhere, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said a property in Mile Oak Road, Portslade, was hit.

The strike caused significant damage to the property’s roof, which caught fire. Fire crews were called out at 1.50am to put out the blaze.

It appears the storm wasn’t just confined to Sussex. Pictures of spectacular fork lightning have been captured in the likes of Surrey, Essex and Winchester.

There is a risk of more to come as the Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for the whole of the county tomorrow.

A spokesman said: “Areas of heavy, thundery showers will develop on Friday night before moving during Saturday.

“The location of these is uncertain but where they do form some torrential downpours are possible with frequent lightning, large hail and locally strong gusts.”

Foomandoonian on YouTube took this footage over Brighton and Hove.

Dominic Johnson sent this movie of the West Pier illuminated in the storm.

Twitter user Armand1964 sent this picture of Whitehawk.Twitter user Armand1964 sent this picture of Whitehawk.

Alex Lawrence took this creative snap at Brighton bandstandAlex Lawrence took this creative snap at Brighton bandstand

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